How to get there

Thanks to its favourable geographical position you can reach Brno easily by train, bus or plane.


Brno airport

You can fly to Prague, Vienna (Austria) or Bratislava (Slovakia). You can catch an express coach to Brno departing directly from Prague and Vienna airport. Brno is an important European rail junction and is easy to access from various places of Europe. From the above-mentioned airport there is a good connection to Brno (from Prague and Vienna airports there is a direct bus connection to Brno).

Prague airport

Vienna airport

Bratislava airport

Buses from/to airport

Vienna airport – Brno – Vienna airport, Prague airport – Brno – Prague airport
Vienna airport – Brno – Vienna airport
Bus and train connections to/from the Czech Republic and national connections

Taxi in Brno (tel : +420 542 321 321) (tel.: +420 844 110 110, +420 734 574 110)

Tourist Information centres in Brno